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tooth extractionAs dentists, we try to avoid taking teeth out. However, in certain circumstances, it may be unavoidable or assisted to help patients long term.

Your safety is our prime concern. We will not just focus on your oral health. We consider your general health conditions as well when we suggest extractions. We take a detailed medical history and continually update your medical records. Especially in the case of patients with diabetes, heart problems, bleeding problems etc. We will extend our best care to reduce your pain or discomfort. For the best interest of these patients health, we may get in touch with your general practitioner and give your treatment options accordingly. For complicated extractions, we always refer you to appropriate specialists if necessary.

We may suggest extractions in the following situations

  • Severely loose teeth
  • Retained roots
  • Teeth with recurrent infections
  • Impacted teeth (canines and wisdom teeth which then make them very difficult to clean)
  • Grossly decayed teeth which you may not wish to have restored

It is possible to remove most teeth in the practice. However, if the situation is deemed complex in your best interest we will refer you appropriately.

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