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dental implantsMissing teeth pose numerous problems, which can affect both the physical as well as the emotional aspect of a person’s life. When you lose most, or even all, of your natural teeth, it is not the end of the world as you know it – as dental implants can effectively replace both the form and function of the teeth that have been lost. Dental implants permanently replace single or multiple missing teeth and their roots. Dental implants resemble and function like your normal teeth – ultimately, you should not notice the difference between the real teeth and the dental implants.


Dental implants are ideal solutions for missing teeth problems, providing those who have lost their natural teeth with the chance to lead a normal life once again, with these effective teeth replacements. Dental implants offer more convenience and better reliability compared to dentures as solutions to missing teeth problems, as the implants (and the prosthetic teeth attached to them) are securely attached to the jaw bone – and will not have the tendency to move around uncomfortably like loose dentures. Aesthetic/Cosmetic Improvement – One of the biggest concerns of those who have missing teeth is the deterioration in their appearance, as the tooth loss can have a significant impact on one’s facial structure. Dental implants provide aesthetic or cosmetic improvement to those with missing teeth, as the implants and the teeth restorations will successfully fill out the spaces and sunken areas resulting from the tooth loss.


Speech Improvement – It will be very difficult to speak clearly with several or all teeth missing; even a single tooth missing can also affect the way a person speaks, especially if the lost tooth is located in the front area of the mouth. Dental implants replace the form and function of teeth that have been lost, enabling a person to once again speak clearly without the challenges associated with missing teeth.


Prevention of Bone Deterioration – Tooth loss affects the jaw bone structure of the affected area; the jaw bone quality can deteriorate with the loss of teeth, especially if the missing teeth problem is not addressed soon enough. A dental implant effectively replaces the natural tooth’s root, preventing further bone deterioration in the area where the tooth loss has been experienced.

Implants are recommended to fill missing space(s) by using the bone to hold titanium post type system without having to rely on other teeth to take the weight of missing teeth. Prices vary from £2000-£2500 depending on whether bone grafting/additional bone implant is required.

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