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dental crownAs dental surgeons, as much as it is possible we try to preserve tooth tissue. Hence we restore teeth when and if possible with a suitable restoration material as previously mentioned. Usually amalgam/composite. In a certain situation, we can use Inlays / Onlays.

If none of the above are suitable you will be advised the reason for it. Usually, it is because there is not enough tooth tissue remaining and hence a full cover/crown/cap is needed.

Crowns are available and will be advised when there is limited tooth tissue available. In this situation, a filling may not be a suitable option. We can discuss further with you with no pressure on the examination day.

Materials used to make crowns

Porcelain, Porcelain over metal or just metal. Costs may vary depending upon the material chosen. We have NHS options and private options for cosmetic requirements.

How they are made?

To construct a crown, we must take an impression and this will be sent to a dental lab for construction. This takes 1 to 2 weeks during which a temporary crown will be placed if needed.

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